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Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

burning house
Burn Test: This is 7 minutes into a fire on an older house, fire is fast. (This was a planned F.D. burn in which X-FIRE had the priviledge of installing and demonstrating it's Home Fire Sprinkler System.)

UL Listed for NFPA 13D using Affordable Pex Pipe Technology

Pex Pipe is cross linked polyethylene(pex tubing) which has a 25 year limited gaurantee and a working life minimum of 100 years. Pex is non-metallic, freeze-resistant and will not corrode, pit, scale or leach even in the most aggressive water conditions.

X-FIRE specializes in 13D sprinkler systems. These combination systems utilize the domestic water supply, therefore reducing installation costs and use the domestic water plumbing fixtures to purge the sprinkler pipe, maintaining a drinkable water supply.

Automated and Monitored Safety for your Family!

X-FIRE features UL-268 smoke detectors which are wired system smoke detectors, compared to the hardware variety UL-741 independent detectors. These smoke detectors utilize isolated heat detectors, which detect extinguishment and automatically shut-off water flow.

X-FIRE integrates fire systems with sprinkler and burglar systems.

X-FIRE uses voice chips in their integrated systems with your prerecorded voice. Ideal for families with children to minimize confusion.

What's so Good about Residential Fire Sprinklers?

Some people choose not to buckle-up. However the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration estimates that seat belts have saved thousands of lives. Since 1998 cars have been required by the government to have a new automatic technology air bags further reducing injury and death. Even though there are still traffic fatatlities every day, do you see the worth of using these safety devices? Would you buy or drive a new car without them?

Smoke detectors, as required in your home, increase your survival rate by 55%. Smoke detectors with sprinkler systems increase the survival rate to over 92%. An interesting fact is that since 1945 there has not been a single death caused by a fire in a commercial building with a properly designed, installed and maintained fire sprinkler system. If that same technology were installed in our homes (where 87% of all fire deaths occur) an average of 4,500 people every year for the past 60 years would have had at least a 92% chance of escape. That's a quarter of a million avoided fatalities.

Where as seat belts and airbags are mandatory in our cars, with home fire sprinklers you have to make the choice to buckle-up or not. Fire sprinklers are typically only required by fire code in larger homes. Statistically sprinklers have proven to be more effective that the use of seatbelts in saving lives, with over a 92% survival rate! Smoke detectors can only alert us of fire, like the seat belt light in you car, but sprinklers do much more because they extinguish the fire, like having a fireman in your home at all times. Without fire sprinkler systems in our homes our families cannot buckle-up and be as safe as they should be!

For more information please visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

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