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Advanced Personalized Voice Alarms & Specialized Smoke Detector Technology

The smoke detectors used by X-FIRE are not the same smoke detectors found in a hardware store. The smoke detectors used are system type detectors used in hospitals and motels. These smoke detectors wire back into a central control which supplies battery back-up, supervision, and control functions. The calibration of our system detectors is much different than the common hardware store variety, dramatically reducing false alarms.

Besides smoke detectors, X-FIRE utilizes a variety of other fire detection devices including fixed temperature heat detectors, rate of rise heat detectors, beam smoke detectors, monoxide, natural gas, and LP detectors.

Our fire alarm systems use an integrate voice chip technology. This method of protection is especially effective in households where there are children or elderly or persons with disabilities.

Protecting Children:

Instead of the conventional 85db smoke detector sounder, X-FIRE uses a combination of the sounder, then a voice message, alternating between the two. The parent's voice is recorded on the chip using the childs name and specific information as to the fire escape method to be used and a location to meet. There have been numerous cases where children fail to respond to smoke detectors and also cases where children forget what their fire escape instructions are. This X-FIRE method of fire notification is a unique and effective technology for the safety of our children.

Protecting the Elderly:

The elderly often have hearing disabilities and many others are affected by tone deafness. The X-FIRE voice chip can be adjusted for tone and volume and specific voice messages for the elderly in a home. Voice instructions can be programmed that instruct the elderly individual to evacuate the area instead of fighting the fire and possibly hurting themselves.

Protecting People with Disabilities:

As in the above cases, the X-FIRE system is very versatile in giving voice instructions as to the best evacuation or procedure. Depending upon the disability and the actual living situation. Depending upon the location of the fire different instructions can be given.


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